What Are The 8 Basic Tennis Shots?


The game of tennis might seem complicated for those new to it, but it can essentially be broken down into 8 basic shots. All 8 shots need to be mastered to excel and proceed to the higher levels of tennis. … Read More

The Best 5 Tennis Rackets For Serve And Volley In 2018


If you really wanted the best vehicle for cornering, would you waste time researching the best Jeep?  Of course not!  You need the tennis racket that will fit your level and your game more than the “best” all-purpose racket. So … Read More

How To Serve And Volley Effectively In Tennis – Complete Guide


Are you looking to add the serve and volley game to your tennis arsenal? Or maybe you currently serve and volley but just want some tips to improve that part of your game. This post is all about how to … Read More

The 9 Best Tennis Drills For Improving Your Volley Game


So you want to improve your net game but you’re not sure exactly what to do. In this post we’re going to give you the absolute best serve and volley drills you can do. These are drills I’ve used to … Read More

How Do I Beat A Serve And Volley Player In Tennis?


You look forward to playing almost all your matches, but the next one is against that dreaded serve and volley player at your club you can’t figure out. He or she rushes the net, doesn’t give you time to set … Read More

7 Volley Types You Must Know To Master Your Net Game


You may have always believed there is only one volley in tennis. However, that’s not the case, as we’ll soon see. The volley game is a bit more intricate and in-depth than most people realize. To serve and volley effectively, … Read More


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