Understanding the Serve = Mastering the Serve 


ATTENTION: Do you want to learn to serve in tennis the right way from the start? Are you an experienced player but still struggling with your serve?



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Chad Walner – Tennis Coach

As a professional coach and avid player I have looked at all of the tennis serve courses out there and spent countless hours looking for something that could make a real difference.  When I found the Serve Unlocked by Tomaz Mencinger I knew I was on to something.


What you really need is to learn how to feel your serve. Feel it in your bones.


  • Effortlessly Generate Power
  • Achieve the Correct Stance
  • Dissect Serve Biomechanics
  • Pronation Progressions
  • Avoiding 4 Major Mistakes
  • Proper Grip for Control and Power
  • Plugging in to the Rhythm of the Serve
  • 1st Serve Mindset
  • 2nd Serve Mindset
  • BONUS: Serve Analysis
  • Unlock Your Wrist
  • Confident and Intentional Backswing
  • Master a Reliable Toss
  • Maximize Racket Head Speed
  • Generate the Whip Effect
  • Understand and Benefit from Hip Rotation
  • Court Orientation for Results
  • Correct Understanding About Aim
  • Achieve a Fluid Serve Flow
  • BONUS: Case Study



The Serve Unlocked on-line course will give you everything you need to master your serve and make it into your own natural weapon. 

Coach Tomaz offers so much more than just a list of tips and drills to make you mechanically better. He takes you into the biomechanics of the serve motion, guiding you to FEEL the movement and momentum of the complex serve, making it natural and eventually effortless.

In dozens of video lessons, he guides you in feeling the initial basic movements and combining them fluidly.  Advanced concepts and techniques are demonstrated and explained with a clarity that other serve courses just can’t match. 



The Serve Unlocked is ideal for total beginners and experienced players alike.

The Serve Unlocked is a course created by world-renowned tennis coach, author, and player Tomaz Mencinger. It features cutting-edge teaching methods unique to Tomaz’s serve system. I honestly couldn’t have made a better serve course myself. His teaching methods are truly innovative and effective for all levels of player.


This course will absolutely transform your serve into a shot you can be confident in and proud to hit.



Here’s what you will get:

  • You will learn all the fundamentals of the serve – from A to Z.
  • You will learn how to use proper body biomechanics on the serve (very important).
  • You will get over a dozen focussed drills that make learning the serve much easier than traditional methods.
  • You will learn through a series of ordered progressions that dramatically accelerate your learning of the serve.
  • You will see case study examples of how Tomaz improved other players serves, using his innovative teaching methods.

I’ve seen a lot of courses and coaching methods in my time. But Tomaz has a way of teaching that I’ve never seen. It’s so effective, I now use his methods with my own students to great success.

Tomaz is extremely patient in his approach, carefully explaining every detail of the serve in his course. No other instructor I’ve seen is as thorough and cares more for his students than Tomaz.

If you’ve been frustrated with your serve and haven’t been able to improve it, I sincerely believe this course is the solution to your problem.

It comes with Tomaz’s money-back guarantee as well, so you have nothing to lose!

Inside: Here’s what you get in the course:

  • 7 Progressive Training Modules, designed to take you from A to Z on the serve.
  • 55 Unique Videos in all. Each video is displayed in HD in crystal clear quality on the premium Vimeo player with zero ads. Videos can be watched on Vimeo or downloaded.
  • Access to Tomaz’s Members’ Area, where you can interact with Tomaz himself. He responds promptly and thoroughly to all questions asked of him.
  • Bonus Serve Analysis. You can send Tomaz a video of your serve and he will analyze it with feedback so you know the changes you need to make. This alone is worth the price of the course!


Inside: Here’s what to expect after signing up:

Upon purchasing the course, you’ll receive a login and password to the member’s area of Tomaz’s website. After logging in, you’re welcomed and given an introduction to the resources available in the course, including the curriculum.

All you need to do is to watch each video and perform the assignments Tomaz offers. Each video builds the foundation for an advanced tennis serve, step-by-step.

Tomaz has every possible aspect of the serve covered, including the solutions to common mistakes and problems that players face on the serve. You’ll learn how to hit a first serve, a second serve, and the key differences between the two.

The course is packed with information, so I recommend watching each video carefully and learning the drills and techniques before moving on. Each video can be downloaded for viewing whenever you want and wherever you are, on or offline.

This is not a “learn to serve in 5 minutes” type of course. You’ll need to put in the effort, but you can realistically expect to see huge improvements in your serve within a month.

My Unique Bonus Offer To You

Now, if you purchase the course through my links, I’ll throw in the following bonus. This bonus is unique to me – nobody else offers it, even Tomaz.

While Tomaz gives you all the information you need to serve like a pro in his course, it’s all in video form. So I decided to put together a beautifully composed summary of all 55 videos on PDF for you.

Each video in the PDF has a summary breakdown plus any action steps Tomaz lays out for you. It’s like receiving the Cliff’s Notes version of Tomaz’s course. It’s my unique gift to you.

With my bonus, you have the course all laid out on paper and on screen. This makes it a lot easier to remember the information and decide on which videos you may need to rewatch. It also helps track your progress through the course.

After purchasing the course through my link, just email me your receipt and I’ll email you the PDF.


Still Unsure?

You may have taken live lessons and watched other courses but still struggle with your serve.

Tomaz has designed his course so that it’s almost impossible not to improve with it. His teaching style is so thorough and clearly worded, you’ll know exactly how to proceed every step of the way.

The Serve Unlocked thoroughly covers every aspect of the serve, from grip and stance to toss and swing path. Tomaz covers it all. He based the course on over 20 years of experience personally teaching thousands of students.

If you’ve been watching endless youtube videos on how to improve your serve and still haven’t seen the gains you want, then you’re the perfect candidate for the Serve Unlocked. I’m sure you’ll be impressed with how Tomaz’s teaching methods quickly work to transform your serve.


Final Word

I believe in focusing on one piece of information at a time. If you want to learn something, choose one course, put 100% focus on it, and ignore all the other information and noise on the subject.
I can tell you honestly, I’ve been through Tomaz’s entire course, and the stuff he teaches works. He uses it in his own coaching and I see it work in mine as well.

If you want to finally make your serve a formidable shot that wins points easily, it’s right here for the taking. Again, Tomaz has a money-back guarantee on his course, so what have you got to lose?

Additionally, you’ll get my free bonus. And don’t forget that Tomaz will analyze your serve. That’s a huge plus most other courses don’t provide.

So what are you waiting for? There’s no reason to hesitate. Click the link below, go over to Tomaz’s sign up page and begin transforming your serve today!